Welcome to SesaMe

J ust like in the legend, we are inviting you to join our SesaMe world, where everything is possible, if you just hook up with your own “ME”! SesaME Frankfurt, home of finest and delicious products, made of the world’s finest and oldest grain – the Sesame seed, along with special and rich in flavor sesame oil, date syrup, herbal and fruit tea mix, tahini spreads and more. Our beautiful full-of-taste products will indulge and nourish you and your loved ones. Our beautiful gift packages are the perfect way to show your intentions whether they are meant for loved ones or as a token of appreciation! These beautiful products and combinations, are made of the finest ingredients, to ensure you’r enjoyable moments of indulgent and health, with over dozens of vitamins, minerals and proteins. Are you ready for your ME? Enjoy!